Southminster Children's Ministry

One of the unique practices in the Presbyterian church is Infant Baptism. When we baptize infants we are recognizing that God reaches out and claims us as His own before we have the ability to respond. As a church we make promises to each family that we will partner with them as they raise their child and support them in their journey of faith. We hope that one day everyone who is baptized as an infant will be able to confirm their faith as their own when they are older. While parents can wait to baptize their children at a later point in life, this practice helps shape our congregation and explains the importance of the church partnering with families to help raise their children. Since we are a family we help raise other children like they are our own.

At Southminster the primary ways we help to raise children in the faith are through Children's Church for our elementary children, GAP for our Preschool children and the Nursery for our younger children and babies.

Psalms 127:3-5

"Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court."

Children's Ministry at Southminster

Currently our discipleship opportunities for children take place on Sunday mornings alongside our weekly worship service. To learn more about Children's Ministry at Southminster contact Rev. Andrew Keyes -

  • Nursery: Newborn - 35 Months

    Our nursery is staffed with caring ladies who love babies and infants. They are trained in CPR and first aid and attend regular training on nursery care. No worries for you as you leave your little one with us - we have a pager system that will allow us to discreetly call you to the nursery if ever needed. On busier Sundays one room is for mobile children, and one room is for our youngest children. The nursery is available during Sunday morning. Children may be dropped off and picked up at any time during the service. 

    Nursery Staff: Laneta McDonald, Mary Khajed, Jordan Keyes (Nursery Supervisor)

  • GAP (God's Active Preschoolers): 3 YO - Pre-K

    Our newest addition to our Children's Ministry at Southminster is GAP, a new program for children 3 years-old through Pre-K. We use a curriculum called Play-n-Worship, and it's simple: kids play, and kids worship. All in a way that young children can understand. They sing songs, tell stories, have tons of interaction, and they learn about Jesus! It's practically impossible for even the wiggliest or squirmiest children not to be fully engaged. 

    Children may be dropped off before the service in our Puppies and Kittens room (preschool hallway), and picked up after the service. 

    Below is our schedule for the next few weeks. We repeat the same lesson for 5 week to help children retain the stories, but we change up our activities and how they experience the story each week.


    • 1/13 - Jesus Is Our Friend; Doll Play Activity
    • 1/20 - Jesus Is Our Friend; Dramatic Play Activity
    • 1/27 - Stormy Seas; Block Play Activity
    • 2/3 - Stormy Seas; Dramatic Play Activity
    • 2/10 - Stormy Seas; Game Activity
    • 2/17 - Stormy Seas; Art Activity
    • 2/24 - Welcome!; Game Activity
    • 3/3 - Welcome!; Ball Activity
    • 3/10 - Welcome!; Art Activity
    GAP Teams: Each of our GAP teams serves 1 out of every 4 Sundays.
    • Team 1: Janice Hodge, Barb Reynolds, Camilla Flores
    • Team 2: Judy Blacklock, Kay Hardcastle, Amanda Funderburk
    • Team 3: Benny Gilbert, Caroyl Gilbert
    • Team 4: Sam Federwisch, Nancy Kosarek, Lou Kosarek
    • .Team 5: Ali Dickson, Dorothy Goforth
  • Children's Church: Elementary (Bridge/Kinder-5th)

    Children's Church is a worship service in our fellowship hall that happens during the middle section of our main worship service. At Southminster we value having our children in worship, but we also value them learning in an environment in way that captures their attention and imagination. This service is structured similarly to our main service in the sanctuary, but it is also structured to engage children in ways that are appropriate for their age. Children are always accompanied by a team of adults and youth who lead them each Sunday. They leave the main worship service after the first hymn, and then return after around the doxology. Children are always back with the main worship service during baptisms and communion. 

    Current Series: Bible Trivia - How Well Do You Know Your Bible?

    Our current sermon series in our worship service is called Foundations: Exploring the Bible. We're learning about key beliefs that makeup the foundation of faith for followers of Jesus. Our elementary children will also be learning about the Bible over the next several weeks with this series, Bible Trivia.

    Idea: Learning what’s in the Bible can be great fun, but the most important reason to learn what’s IN the Bible is so we know how to live it OUT. Let’s learn some Bible trivia that will help remind us to love others like God loves us.

    Memory Verse: “We know that “We all have knowledge.” But knowledge  makes  people proud, while love builds them up. Those who think they know something still don’t know as they should. But whoever loves God is known by God.” 1 Corinthians 8:1-3 NIRV


    • 1/6 - How Many Books In the Good Book - In this lesson kids will learn trivia about the  Bible itself, how many books are included, who wrote it, and why it can be trusted. 2  Timothy 3:16-17
    • 1/13 - A Lot of Firsts - Kids will learn about Creation, the first man, the first woman, and the  first sin. Genesis 1:1-2, 1:26-30 and 3:1-7
    • 1/20 - Judge Wisely - Kids will learn about the Judges in Israel, specifically Deborah, Gideon and Samson. Kids will learn how Deborah trusted God completely, Gideon was afraid but learned to trust God, and Samson was prideful and had to be humbled before he completely submitted to God. Judges 4:4-9, 6:14-16, 16:28-30
    • 1/27 - Fit for a King - Saul, David and Solomon all lead Israel after the Judges. Kids will learn some trivia about each king and which king was called a man after God’s own  heart. 1 Samuel 16:1-13 Samuel anoints David
    • 2/3 - Prophetic Knowledge - Simeon and Anna beheld a wondrous sight when baby Jesus was brought to the temple to be dedicated. They recognized that Jesus was the light that would shine for all people – Jews and Gentiles. Luke 2:21-40, Jesus Presented in the Temple
    • 2/10 - Things Jesus Did - In this lesson kids will learn about Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection and why all of the Bible points to Jesus' life. Luke 2:4-12 Jesus’ birth,  Luke 5:17-26 Jesus heals the paralyzed man, Matthew 28:1-7 Jesus Has Risen
    • 2/17 - Things Jesus Said - Kids will learn some of the most important things Jesus said while he was here on earth. The Beatitudes. Matthew 5:1-12 the Beatitudes, Matthew 28:16-20
    • 2/24 - No Children's Church - Children will be in worship for Southminster School Sunday!
    • 3/3 - The 12 Disciples - The 12 Disciples were Jesus’ closest friends. Kids will learn who they were and how their lives show us how Jesus has asked us to live. Mark 3:13-19 Jesus appoints 12 disciples.
    • 3/10 - The First Church - Kids will learn about the early church, how they treated each other, and what that means for us today. Acts 4:32-35 The Believers share everything. 
    • 3/17 - Mission Possible - Kids will learn about Paul's life and how he became a missionary for Jesus. Acts 9:1-19 Saul's conversion.
    • 3/24 - Knowing How It Ends - Kids will learn about Revelation and what Jesus has promised for those who accept him as their Savior. Revelation 21:1-17
    • 3/31 - Final Review - In this final lesson kids will review questions from all of the Bible trivia they have learned. 2 Timothy 2:15 Teach the Word of God correctly. 

    Children's Church Team Leaders: Lisa Landry, Doris Funderburk, Susan Evans, Billy & Carla Lynch