Traffic Concerns

The table above has been developed using data from existing Senior Living Communities in the Houston area. These are managed by the Management Company that will run the proposed project on our property. The numbers are real and provide realistic indications of the traffic that we can expect when the proposed Senior Living Community on the corner of Brightwater is fully operational.

Based on these numbers the estimated total number of vehicles entering/exiting the proposed development is approximately 90 vehicles each day. This number includes members of the Independent Living and Assisted Living community along with three employee shifts, food delivery, trash pickup and guests, visitors and vendors.

There are nearly 800 homes in Lakes of Brightwater. The majority of current residents own two cars (and some homes have three or more cars parked outside). Realistically, Lakes of Brightwater currently supports well over 1,000 vehicle movements each day, especially when lawn service, cleaning and other services are considered. The addition of 90 vehicle movements to the existing traffic is unlikely to cause any impact on residents’ entry or exit to the development.

Here is an excel sheet of the above image to view more clearly.