Property FAQ's

Southminster Presbyterian Church has decided to sell a 5.5 acre portion of our property facing Cartwright Road, between Brightwater Drive and Oyster Creek. We currently have a contract to sell the property to STOA International Architects to develop a Senior Living Community on the property. This would require a change of the property’s zoning from LC-2 (Commercial) to a multi-family classification with a special use permit. As part of this process, many incorrect statements have been shared which has led to confusion and hurt feelings.

Our goal is to eliminate any confusion or misunderstandings regarding the details of the buildings and grounds by clearly documenting and sharing the facts. We hope to make it as easy as possible for the interested parties to access the information by sending this via email, but we were not given permission to do so.

The most common concerns are traffic, flooding, and building size/height. Please click these links to view the page for the specific concern.